About life

"Most of the things we receive in this world are tests, not gifts. The question is never what do we have. Rather, it’s what are we going to do with it.

Even the darkness we experience is a test. In a split second, all we are, all we’ve done, all our worth can change. Accident, heart attack, stroke… you name it. In one second, everything that we think we are is nothing. The only thing that lasts is what we have done.

At the end of our show, when we go Upstairs, will we be able to say that the world become a better place because we existed? Did we affect the lives of others for the positive? Did we use the dark moments and difficulties in our life to help us grow our certainty and consciousness?

Take a moment to think about the tests that you are facing today, and then think of three ways you can use them to assist you in your spiritual growth."
Yehuda Berg